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About Versa Technology

Our Parent Company

Versa, a Last Mile Network Technology company, was founded in 1994 with the vision to develop industry leading networking equipment. The unwavering mission of the company has always been to sell market industry-leading products that are the most versatile, user-friendly and cost effective in the industry.

Now celebrating its 20th year anniversary, Versa Technology Inc. has embarked on a mission to thrust itself into the leading ranks of manufacturers and suppliers of last mile network equipment. This mission is charged with the purpose to eliminate protocol boundaries and to create equipment that is both versatile and adaptable to just about any business purpose or potential.

Global Presence

We are delivering our equipment and range of last mile network solutions into locations in North and South America, China, Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, South East Asia, Mediterranean nations, Africa and beyond.

Our equipment is superbly ideal for developed or developing countries as our network equipment allows our users to operate from existing phone lines and to cut costs by sharing DSL subscription through an entire facility or dwelling.

Cost effective

We implement cost saving measures by maximizing management and production efficiency at our plant to provide you with a product at a competitive price that will save you on costs and maximize your own profit margin.

Versatile Network Equipment

With almost two decades of experience, Versa Technology is well versed on the kinds of equipment that our customers need. The products we sell are developed and selected for their versatility to adapt to the changing needs of our customers. We strive to bring the best technology to our customers at a price that is affordable.

Into the Future

At Versa Technology, our vision for the future is constant and unwavering. We continue to produce and provide cost effective, versatile network equipment. We strive to provide full customer support to our customers to help them achieve their goals. Our company’s mission to blend together teamwork, innovation, efficiency and responsibility makes it simple to see why Versa Technology continues to be the company of choice for our customers.