100 Watt PoE Standard

4 comments on “IEEE 802.3bt – The 100 Watt PoE Standard

  • John Louie says:

    Hi Rita,
    Very informative article. Will Cat 6 cable be able to support IEEE 802.3bt or does it have to be Cat 6A?

  • Hi Rita,
    Your write ups are straight forward and technically sound, if I may suggest link few schematics and products that would aide the reader to comprehend more. Keep writing.


  • Edu coursework writing says:

    PoE (Power over Ethernet) innovation permits PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment, for example, a PoE switch) to utilize Ethernet links to convey both power and information all the while to PD (Powered Device, similar to IP cameras and VoIP telephones), which can streamline cabling installation and save cost.


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