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Docsis—Transforming Cable Companies Into Broadband Companies

Cable broadcasting was not always as prevalent as it was now;  the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) stymied the industry for several years to protect local television programming.

It was not until the 1984 Cable Act when the FCC deregulated the industry that cable became a burgeoning business. The cable industry was able to invest more than $15 billion in wiring infrastructure. According

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New Cable Subscriber Trends and Docsis 3.0 Solutions

Cable operators don’t just deliver cable television anymore. Moody’s market analysis reports that “High-speed data subscriber numbers will surpass video subscribers for Moody’s-rated cable companies in the next year”.

The report is not surprising. The internet has disrupted traditional television viewing habits.

Television consumers now have the convenience of consuming OTT (Over

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802.11AC Wave 2

Dominating the 802.11ac Wave 2 with Multigigabit Ports

As 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless Access Points (WAPs) are starting to hit the market and manufacturers are scrambling to fill a market need for multigigabit Ethernet.

The second iteration of the 802.11ac wi-fi standard can reach wireless speeds of up to 7Gbps in laboratory settings, an upgrade that makes Wave 1’s 1.3Gbps seem paltry.

To receive the full benefits of the upgrade, the speed boost will

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3 Simple Ways to Maintain Wiring Closets Cool

Maintaining wiring closets cool is an integral step in preserving the reliability and durability of network and telecom equipment. Condensation, ventilation, and air conditioning are three common methods used to help regulate temperature in wiring closets.

This infographic shows these 3 options to keep in mind when building a wiring closet.

While air conditioning can seem like the most promising

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Ethernet Standardization Evolution Will Be Far from Linear

The Ethernet Alliance has revealed a standardization road map indicating that by the end of 2020, a total of 6 new standards will support the growing demand for bandwidth in residential, enterprise, and data center environments.

This handful of standards indicates that the evolution of Ethernet has strayed from the once linear tenfold pursuit of accelerated speeds.

Ethernet As A Brand of Innovation

In his 2013 Technology Exploration

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