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What is DSLAM?

DSLAM Definition

DSLAM Definition: A DSLAM, or Digital-Subscriber-Line-Access-Multiplexer, is a network distribution device that aggregates individual subscriber lines into a high-capacity uplink. These high capacity uplinks, either ATM or Gigabit Ethernet, connect subscribers to their Internet service providers (ISPs). DSLAM units are typically located in telephone exchanges or distribution points. They allow for


Net Neutrality

What Net Neutrality Really Taught Us About Political Power and Technology

Federal Communication’s Chairman (FCC) Tom Wheeler has finally proposed new rules that firmly protect net neutrality and prevent the internet from being reclassified as a telecommunications service. The FCC has published a new commission document upholding that the internet be preserved as a place of innovation and competition.

The release statement indicates that the new rules will be written so that they can withstand future legal challenges.

Net neutrality rules first became a topic of debate in May 2014, when


2nd wave of 802.11ac

Preparing for the 2nd Wave of 802.11ac

The second phase of 802.11ac equipment, also referred to as Wave 2, is set to hit the shelves early next year and will undoubtedly give networks a performance boost that will force networks to invest in upgrades.

According to Tech Blogger Gina Narcisi


How IEEE Standards Are Made

How are IEEE Standards Created?

Have you ever wondered exactly what goes behind the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE’s) standardization process and why it’s important?

Standards set the protocols that helps keep bleeding edge technology within similar parameters so that final products remain interoperable with equipment manufactured by other brands.

The 6 Steps That Leads to Finalization

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IEEE 802 Standards

Who is Responsible for Future-Proofing Networks?

Cisco predicts there will be 50 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. In the meantime, the Institute of Electrical Engineers, also known as the IEEE, prepares for the bandwidth overload by projecting future needs and specifying the standards that will optimize core networks and Local Area Networks (LAN). This community of scientists and engineers work behind the scenes to future-proof


wifi standard 802.11ac

The New Wi-Fi Standard That Will Make the 802.11ac Obsolete

The first wave of 802.11ac routers currently available on the market are based on earlier drafts of the 802.11ac standard and will no longer be the fastest standard on the market. The second wave of 802.11ac devices are based on the final ratified standard and are set to include new features that better optimize wireless networks.

802.11ac standard: Wave 1 vs. Wave 2

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New Li-FI Technology

How Li-Fi Technology Will Make Wi-Fi Nearly Obsolete

In the near-future, you may find yourself looking for the nearest LED light to connect the internet.

Researcher Harald Haas from the University of Edinburgh has made it possible to transform LED light into an electrical signal that can provide high-speed data streaming. 

This means that pedestrians walking down a street illuminated with LED lights could very well be able to surf the internet


IEEE to Pursue Enterprise Access Base-T and 25GBASE-T

IEEE recently held a plenary this month in San Antonia, Texas that resulted in the addition of two more study groups–Enterprise Access BASE-T and 25GBASE-T for 25GE server connections. Out of 131 members who attended the plenary, 97 voted to move forward with the project and only 1 voted against it while 23 abstained to vote.

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Unmanaged vs managed switch

Are You Using the Right Type of Switch?

When it comes to maintaining a network, businesses need to assess their network demands to determine whether they need to choose between unmanaged switches or managed switches.

Unmanaged switches are relatively inexpensive and their fixed configuration makes it easy to install the ‘plug and play’ device.  That is not to say that unmanaged switches do not come with other hardware features.



Elon Musk - Tesla

The Only Wi-Fi Hotspot You’ll Need For Life

Elon Musk, oftentimes compared to the real life version of Tony Stark and more popularly known as the CEO of Tesla, took to twitter to announce that his latest star-studded venture includes setting internet satellites into orbit.

The spaceflight company, SpaceX is a $1 billion investment aiming at bringing “<a