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G.Fast Chipsets Give Copper a New Lease on Life

Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) will have an opportunity to bring their customers faster internet speeds with G Fast chipsets.The DSL chips deliver Gigabit speeds to the last 250 meters over existing copper wires. Because speeds attenuate after about 300 meters, G Fast will work optimally in hybrid broadband network

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Navigating IEEE’s 802.11 standard

IEEE’s nomenclature of the 802 standard is not the most logical to navigate. April Miller, Technology Columnist for’s Bits and Bytes stresses how the system does not even follow basic arithmetic rules. For example, the 802.1 standard is not to be confused with the 802.10 standard, even though the numbers share the same mathematical value.

A simple

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Huawei vs. Cisco

Huawei’s $4 Billion Wireline Bet Gives Cisco One More Thing to Worry About

This past August, Cisco let of go of 6000 employees, an unfortunate trend that has added to its list of 20,000 workers that have been laid off over the past five years, according to Though Cisco remains the top juggernaut in the selling and manufacturing of networking equipment, international competition like Huawei is giving the respected company a run for its money.


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New Ethernet Standard Accelerates Backplane Speeds

IEEE has become a widely recognized authority figure dedicated to creating engineering standards that anticipate industry demands. The consortium has announced that it has finalized defining yet another standard that promises to create a more energy-efficient network architecture with faster backplane speeds. IEEE’s 802.3bj

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How Lack of Internet Service Providers Hinders Public Education

Healthy competition between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) has made it possible for countries like Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea to offer some of the fastest internet at prices that turn American internet consumers green with envy. Hong Kong residents can surf the internet at 1Gbps speeds for just $26. The closest competitor to offer speeds of 1GBPS is

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