PoE Enabling Technology: Hospitality and Retail

PoE Enabling Tech: Hospitality and Retail

Power over Ethernet is being used by both hotels and retailers across the globe to provide the best possible experience to their guests and customers.

Several studies have shown that outfitting a hotel with advanced technology – such as mobile apps to control temperature and lighting, for example – results in a better overall stay.

Likewise, PoE technology can be used to operate wireless access

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When to Decommission Old Networking Equipment

When to Decommission Old Networking Equipment

Wouldn’t it be nice to hire someone to decommission all of your obsolete equipment for you?

Picture it being like one of those interior-decorating shows.

A longstanding professional comes to your offices and takes you through it step-by-step. You’re guided through the audit process and immediately see how your LANs haven’t been properly setup.

The expert also helps you sidestep the pitfalls of

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G.fast challenges

The Challenges With Replicating G.fast Speeds in the Real-World

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) competing with cable service providers are watching the development of G.Fast, a new xDSL technology that promises to deliver fiber-like speeds using legacy copper lines.

G.Fast is the next generation of xDSL services that will benefit customer premises located near distribution points.

The increased usage of cloud-computing, video streaming, and the awaited arrival

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MA5600 DSLAM Line Cards

ADSL2+ Service Board

Main functions:

·  Supporting ITU-T G.992.3  G.992.5

·  Supporting 1483B .

·  Terminating ATM cell flow over ADSL line.

·  Accomplishing protocol processing and frame format conversion from ATM to Ethernet frame.


Models available:

ADEE, 64 port ADSL2+ with splitters

ADEF, 64 port ADSL2+ w/o splitters

ADGE, 32

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PoE Compatibility






Alcatel Aastra  4XEM
Aruba Avaya  Acti
Cisco (Models w/ 802.3af) Belkin  Axis
Colubris Cisco  D-Link
D-Link ClearOne  Netgear
Engeinus D-Link  Panasonic
Hawking Grandstream  Planet Technology
HP ProCurve Linksys  Qnap
 Linksys  Netgear  Trendnet
Meru Networks Nortel Vivotek
MicroTik Panasonic
Motorola Planet Technology
Netgear Polycom
Planet Technology Snom
Symbol Talkswitch
Trendnet Trendnet

If you would like to know about a specific model number let us help you help@versatek.com

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With a suite of bridges, switches, concentrators, PoE devices, routers (wired and wireless) we have all the hardware you need to get connected and begin saving costs by sharing your network and internet resources.

Telephone Companies

ISP Providers

Network Consultants

Value-added resellers

Hospitality: Motels, Inns, Hotels

Multiple Dwelling Units: Clinics, Hospitals, Dorms, Apartments, Flats, Condos etc.

Airplane Network Switch System:

Versa Technology’s customized VX-2402V10 switch has been accepted by Rockwell Collins, Inc. for use for commercial In-Flight Entertainment

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US Government Ordering Information

Besides ordering direct online through our secure store, US Government agencies from state to federal and local municipal government customers have the peace of mind of leveraging existing business relationships with their prefered distributor in their locality or submitting a Purchase Order directly. Ethernet Extension Experts has supplied many US Government agencies and thier projects all over

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