Frequently Asked Questions

The following commands is an example on how to configure the speed profile for the DSL ports: vdsl interface v1 speed -> configuring to max:50Mbps min:32Kbps. EX-5124BPLUS#conf t EX-5124BPLUS(config)#vdsl conf-profile default EX-5124BPLUS(config-conf-profile)#data-rate upstream bearer1 50000 32 EX-5124BPLUS(config-conf-profile)#data-rate downstream bearer1 50000 32 EX-5124BPLUS(config-conf-profile)#exit EX-5124BPLUS(config)#vdsl interface v1 EX-5124BPLUS(config-vdsl-if)#service-conf-profile default
Rate limit is designed to limit the bandwidth for both upstream and downstream rates. Default is set to “No Limit” which will provide 100Mbps down and 50Mbps up. If switched to 50/20, the max downstream will be 50Mbps and 20Mbps up. Both CO and CPE must mirror this setting.
48 V / 24 W
No. We do however offer, a wide array of PoE switches that will meet your different needs.
No. Please refer to the VX-PI148 passive PoE Injector.