The VX-MD3024 is designed to operate with the VX-VEB165. The VC-231 will not sync to the VX-MD3024 due to the interoperability between the chipsets. The MD3024 chipset does not support a modem with a wireless AP. (#142) The VX-MD3024 will not work with the VC-230N.
The below command is an example on how to force the DSLAM to run on profile 17a. # config terminal (config)# vdsl conf-profile test (config-conf-profile)# no trans-sys-enabling vdsl2-profile-30a (config-conf-profile)# end # write memory
Having a cable bundle consisting of 2 or more VDSL2 profiles will exhibit intermittent sync, port status errors and poor performance. The 30a profile will run on 30 Mhz while the 17a profile will run on 17Mhz. The 30a profile can "bleed" over to the 17a profile.  Many chipset manufactures such as Broadcom have stepped away from VDSL2 30a due to this very reason. Our recommendation is to force all subscriber interfaces to sync at 17a if you have modems that do not support 30a. You shouldn't have an issue if all ports are synced on the same VDSL2 profile.
The following commands is an example on how to configure the speed profile for the DSL ports: vdsl interface v1 speed -> configuring to max:50Mbps min:32Kbps. EX-5124BPLUS#conf t EX-5124BPLUS(config)#vdsl conf-profile default EX-5124BPLUS(config-conf-profile)#data-rate upstream bearer1 50000 32 EX-5124BPLUS(config-conf-profile)#data-rate downstream bearer1 50000 32 EX-5124BPLUS(config-conf-profile)#exit EX-5124BPLUS(config)#vdsl interface v1 EX-5124BPLUS(config-vdsl-if)#service-conf-profile default
There is no difference in connector type. The connector can work with a 90 degree or 180 degree cable.