With a suite of bridges, switches, concentrators, PoE devices, routers (wired and wireless) we have all the hardware you need to get connected and begin saving costs by sharing your network and internet resources.


Telephone Companies


ISP Providers


Network Consultants


Value-added resellers


Hospitality: Motels, Inns, Hotels


Multiple Dwelling Units: Clinics, Hospitals, Dorms, Apartments, Flats, Condos etc.



Airplane Network Switch System:

Versa Technology’s customized VX-2402V10 switch has been accepted by Rockwell Collins, Inc. for use for commercial In-Flight Entertainment System such as Boeing 747 business class cabin and Office-In-the-Sky application.


Versa Railway Security and Entertainment System:

The development of high-speed trains is an important economic component, as it shortens the travel between major cities. Business travel is an inevitable trend. Trains must keep up with the fast paced technology that airplanes and other forms of transportation provide. The high-speed train development will attract more business people to travel while trains will need to meet the demanding rise of bandwidth and services needed to compete. Versa Technology will enhance the railways by allow trains to be equipped with advanced Security and entertainment systems. This will allow trains to offer even more luxury to the passengers using it today, allowing them to maintain a competitive advantage.
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