invisible fiber optics

Fiber Optic Air-Cables to Create True Invisible Cloud Networks

It’s been nearly a hundred years since Alexander Graham Bell made his first phone call. And it’s been over a forty years since Martin Cooper, Father of the “cell phone” made the first handheld phone call to none other than his competitors at Bell Labs to announce that Motorola had beaten them at creating the first cell phone. But the air wars of engineers has opened

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Could Bell Lab Rescue Telephone Copper Lines?

Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell Lab recently broke records when it successfully transferred 10 Gbps of data over 30 meters and 1 Gbps over 70 meters using traditional copper telephone lines.

The research lab’s XG-Fast technology easily competes with fiber optic services.

Telco companies find breakthroughs like this particularly appealing because the alternative allows them to sidestep the demand for fiber

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Internet Connectivity In Public Schools to Receive Government Boost

Last week, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that it plans to invest $2 billion over the next two years to ensure that our public school students have high-speed internet connectivity and wi-fi access. Obama administration’s ConnectED initiative aims to bring high-speed internet and wi-fi access to 99% of America’s students.

Technology has increasingly made

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Google Steps into Virtual Reality Using Cardboard

Google recently unveiled yet another ocular device during its annual Google I/O Summit that could transform how we consume media with our mobile devices.

Last month, Google made it possible for the general public to get their hands on its Google glasses for a hefty fee of $1500. But the aesthetic design of its newest addition to the eye-wear family could become your next DIY project.


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Argentina vs. Germany

Technology Wins the 2014 World Cup

Amid the rivalry, the sorrow and revelry, depending on which team you rooted for, Versatek Technology will remember the 2014 Fifa World Cup as a collective win for all in the non-polarizing field of innovation and advancement. The World Cup saw a number of firsts in the realm of technology.

Here is a rundown of some of the technological breakthroughs the tournament experienced

Social Media Records Were Set

It was difficult not

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ISC West Conference

ICS West 2014 Security Conference

ICS West was a success!

Versa Technology had the pleasure of meeting our clients and partners at ICS West 2014. The event in Las Vegas, Nevada featured a variety of technology leaders in the surveillance industry. We were pleased to see a variety of innovative surveillance equipment from vendors around the world. It is truly exciting to see the future of the security industry at this

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Phillips Launches Energy-Efficient PoE-Powered Light Bulbs

The next generation light bulb is here. The latest innovation released by Philips features connected light bulbs powered by Ethernet. These light bulbs will effectively replace standard wiring with Ethernet and utilizes Ethernet to power the LED bulbs. In addition, the bulbs efficiently pass information to and from each lamp. This allows businesses and homes to save on energy, and ensures that business

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VX-1000HDX, VX-1000MDX

Dependable DSLAM Units from Versa Technology

Versa Technology features dependable mini-DSLAM units made to ensure that access network deployment is flawless. The VX-1000HDX and the VX-1000MDX are powerful IP DSLAM units that showcase 24 or 48 ports ideal for broadband access. The VX-1000HDX and the VX-1000MDX can pair simple with ADSL platforms that are advanced for the IP network service support.

The units were designed for deployment

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Expand your Wireless Outdoor Coverage with Our New Wireless Access Point

The WNAP-6308 is an incredible wireless access point solution that simply attaches to an antenna. This innovative unit features the ability to lengthen wireless outdoor coverage.  The  offers stable performance with the IEEE 802.11n standard and 1T1R MIMO technology. With a data rate delivery up to 150Mbps, the speed

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