Phillips Launches Energy-Efficient PoE-Powered Light Bulbs

The next generation light bulb is here. The latest innovation released by Philips features connected light bulbs powered by Ethernet. These light bulbs will effectively replace standard wiring with Ethernet and utilizes Ethernet to power the LED bulbs. In addition, the bulbs efficiently pass information to and from each lamp. This allows businesses and homes to save on energy, and ensures that business owners reduce power usage. With the ability of each LED light bulb to collect information from various sensors, these bulbs have the ability to report back collected information in order to determine the best temperature. For example, a motion sensor has the ability to count the number of employees in a specified area. A thermometer then sends back the current temperature, allowing managers to monitor any part of the office. Managers have the ability to adjust their lighting and heating options effectively. This can be done simply via a app on a smartphone in order to save money on a business utility bill. In order to operate this new innovation, businesses do need to replace their standard cabling with Ethernet. Although the replacement will cost managers quite a bit, Philips notes there is a 50 percent reduction in the cost to install Power over Ethernet over standard wiring. With the changes in technology, this new light bulb alternative is an innovative option businesses may want to consider.led_lightbulbs_PoEVersa Technology | Versatek's Ethernet Extenders | PoE Devices and more
VX-1000HDX, VX-1000MDX

Dependable DSLAM Units from Versa Technology

 best DSLAMVersa Technology features dependable mini-DSLAM units made to ensure that access network deployment is flawless. The VX-1000HDX and the VX-1000MDX are powerful IP DSLAM units that showcase 24 or 48 ports ideal for broadband access. The VX-1000HDX and the VX-1000MDX can pair simple with ADSL platforms that are advanced for the IP network service support.The units were designed for deployment and are truly efficient solutions that network administrators will love. The DSLAMs showcase dependable robust management functions which give administrators greater management control.The VX-1000HDX and VX-1000MDX IP DSLAM  have the ability to remain efficient with the use of the Broadcom chipset. With ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ support via the POTS/ISDN user interface, the DSLAMS from Versa Technology are an incredible choice. The DSLAMs include stackable technology that permits even higher port density for administrators. The unit has the ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures from -10 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius. With protection from system overheating, administrators are immediately warned if the DSLAM’s fan experiences an issue.“These units are perfect solutions for any administrator who is seeking enhanced management functions and efficiency,” Shaw Tien said.The VX-1000MDX and VX-1000HDX IP DSLAM are the perfect fit for users who want to save on installation costs and who wish to put a little more back into their pockets. The units include a compact design that ensures that they are simply the perfect choice to provide clients even greater services at a variety of prices. The units also ensure that administrators can maintain a variety of DSL speeds. The VX-1000HDX and VX-1000MDX is very compact and can be installed comfortably in Telcos or remote terminals. If you desire dependability, low power requirements and ability for diagnostic and arm reporting, the VX-1000HDX and VX-1000MDX are the best choices.Check out our xDSL Products

Expand your Wireless Outdoor Coverage with Our New Wireless Access Point

The WNAP-6308 is an incredible wireless access point solution that simply attaches to an antenna. This innovative unit features the ability to lengthen wireless outdoor coverage.  The  offers stable performance with the IEEE 802.11n standard and 1T1R MIMO technology. With a data rate delivery up to 150Mbps, the speed is three times faster than standard 802.11g wireless devices.  The unit’s built in N-type antenna connector makes it connect simply with a variety of high gain antennas including grid, omni directional, flat panel and yagi-design. This ensures that the WNAP-6308 can efficiently deliver even further wireless connection beyond 10km. The WNAP-6308 can be included as an optional with Planet Technology products, models ANT-OM8, ANT-OM15, ANT-FP9, ANT-FP18, ANT-SE18, ANT-YG13, ANT-YG20, and ANT-GR21.With support for a variety of wireless connectivity, the WNAP-6308 is ideal for access points, Client CPE, WDS PtP, WDS PtMP, and Repeaters. This WNAP-6308 features compatibility with many application requirements and provides users with a user-friendly experience.  The unit allows users to simply craft a wireless network and lengthen the range of the current wireless network. In addition, the unit supports WISP mode, which allows CPE users to connect efficiently to the Internet through WISP mode. This allows CPE users to connect to the Internet utilizing the WISP provider or allows them to connect directly to a wired network.WNAP-6308-4_sWith incredible security features including 64/128- bit WEP encryption, integration of WPA / WPA2, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK and 802.1x, the WNAP-6308 gives administrators peace of mind. The unit features wireless MAC filtering and SSID broadcast control in order to halt unauthorized users from accessing the network. In addition, the unit showcases Dual-SSID which allows for the setup of different wireless networks. This allows the unit to operate efficiently as an access point for segmented networks tailored to fit an industry or office. The unit features SNMP-based management interface and allows for simple remote management.The WNAP-6308 is a quality unit that can be installed in outdoor locations. Since the unit operates with efficiency in temperatures ranging from -35 to 65 degrees C, it is a great choice for global use. The unit’s IP55 and outdoor UV Stabilized Enclosure design allows the unit to work stably in heavy rain or wind. In addition, the Power over Ethernet (PoE) design allows the WNAP-6308 to be installed in locations that do not have power outlets. The WNAP-6308 offers an efficient solution to craft outdoor wireless access applications that are between buildings, campuses and other business locations.Versa Technology | Versatek's Ethernet Extenders | PoE Devices and more

Versa Technology Announces Two DSLAM Units



Chino, CA – Feb 27, 2014- Versa Technology, a leading last mile technology company, announced the release of two powerful mini-DSLAM units that are crafted for access network deployment. The VX-1000HDX and the VX-1000MDX are powerful units that showcase 24 or 48 ports ideal for broadband access. This allows for pairing with advanced ADSL platforms for IP network service support.“The VX-1000HDX IP DSLAM and VX-1000MDX were designed for deployment and are sleek, compact solutions administrators will be surely pleased with,” said Shaw Tien, vice president of Versa Technology. “These incredible DSLAMs feature efficient robust management functions.”The VX-1000HDX and VX-1000MDX IP DSLAM maintain efficiency since both units utilize the Broadcom chipset. In addition, the units feature ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ support through the POTS/ISDN user interface. The DSLAMs feature stackable technology which allows for higher port density. In addition, the unit handles a wide operating temperature range from -10 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius. The unit also features protection from system overheating and ensures that administrators are notified if the fan experiences an issue.
“These units are perfect solutions for any administrator who is seeking enhanced management functions and efficiency,” Tien said.
The VX-1000HDX and VX-1000MDX is a great choice for administrators who wish to generate extra revenue with minimal installation and expense. These remarkable DSLAMs allow administrators to offer even more services at different prices with a variety of DSL connectivity speeds. In addition, the units feature a compact design that allows them to sit comfortably in remote terminals or Telcos. The VX-1000HDX and VX-1000MDX are excellent choices for administrators who are seeking reliability, lower power requirements and diagnostic and arm reporting capabilities.Receive a Complementary ConsultationAbout Versa TechnologyVersa Technology, located in Chino, California, is a leader in last mile technology. The company has offices in the United States, Korea and China. Versa Technology offers fiber and copper last mile solutions and distributes innovative networking equipment, such as Power over Ethernet equipment and VDSL2 and DSLAM units. Versa Technology also provides quality Ethernet extenders, PoE injectors and a variety of networking equipment. The company meets the evolving demands of technology by offering customers quality equipment that is cost effective.Check out our xDSL Porducts

IEEE 802.3 Power over Ethernet Standard

IEEE announced the start of three brand new projects and an industries connection tool that is designed to further expand the ability of the IEEE 802.3 Power over Ethernet standard. The organization is currently making several changes to the base standard in order to ensure that it meets the global industry demand in conjunction with the Ethernet Passive Optical Network.Ethernet technology affects the lives of billions of people. In 2012, over 1.2 billion ports were deployed. The technology was first developed to standardize computer, printer, device and server connectivity within a local area network. The IEEE 802.3 Power over Ethernet standard encompasses a variety of technologies, such as laptops, smart phones, tablets, computers, infrastructure, and networks within data centers and various medical devices.imgresThe organization is currently developing the IEEE P802.3br “Draft Standard for Ethernet Amendment Specification and Management Parameters for Interspersing Express Traffic.” This standard will address the demand from industries that are emerging into IEEE 802.3 applications. Industries such as transportation, audio, video and automotive require a budget friendly way to converge traffic streams and low-latency on the same connections. As of now, this function requires many networks that have parallel links. When the IEEE P802.3br has been completed, the base standard would be modified to accept interspersed expressed traffic.IEEE P802.3bt Draft Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Physical Layer and Management Parameters for DTE Power via MDI over 4-Pair” has the ability to determine the need for even greater PoE abilities. Applications that require additional power will be even more efficient and powerful with the IEEE P802.3bt standard. Various security cameras, wireless access points, laptops, RFID readers, POS terminals, or building management have shown need for additional power.Receive a Complementary ConsultationThe organization is also developing the IEEE P802.3bu “Draft Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Physical Layer and Management Parameters for 1-Pair Power over Data Lines.” This innovation will seek to lengthen PoE to data terminal equipment utilizing a twisted pair IEEE 802.3 Ethernet connection. With this technology, power on the single-pair data interface removes the requirement for separate power wiring.IEEE also announced the creation of the IEEE 802.3 Industry Connections NG-EPON Ad Hoc in order to explore and determine technology choices and market potential. The launch of this technology will explore options for a NG-EPON with data rates above 10 Gigabit per second. This technology is utilized for a variety of applications in areas such as commercial and residential locations. In addition, vendors in North America, South America and Asia are looking into NG-EPON technologies that are available for the following generation.The IEEE-SA Industry Connections program manages and brings together organizations and individuals to craft strategy points within the lifecycle of a technology. This provides various opportunities to better utilize IEEE resources in a way that provides a handful of results that are shared.Versa Technology | Versatek's Ethernet Extenders | PoE Devices and more

Technology Innovation

Innovation is critical to the success of many organizations, but even more so, technology innovation is imperative for companies seeking to differentiate in strategy. A recent survey by Cisco notes that 84 percent of business leaders say technology innovation is a truly important step for strategic differentiation. Based on the survey, business leaders say investments made by IT leaders and business leaders are not always closely tied, but in order to truly present even greater innovation, business and IT leaders must work as a team. Here there are some interesting findings gathered by Versa Technology.Receive a Complementary ConsultationCisco’s survey addressed almost 2,000 business leaders about how their business and IT decisions are actually closely related. The survey determined that out of the businesses surveyed, 70 percent of leaders said their priorities are closely aligned with the IT. Almost 70 percent of leaders also noted that IT will impact less than half of the budget for business technology in the next year. This information determines an important fact: two-thirds of all companies can align business and IT spending together in order to ensure an even greater innovative impact.board-453758_1280Since businesses tend to spend more in technology compared to IT’s, the opportunity is increasing even more. More than 50 percent of businesses say their budget on technology will increase 25 percent next year. Over 10 percent say their technology budgets will increase even further and expect budget to change exponentially depending on country and location.There are a few simple steps for businesses and IT’s to take in order to ensure that innovation and impact continues to grow. The first step is to really identify various issues at every level and then to utilize technology to simplify the process. This can reduce business incidents and ensure that technologies run even smoother. Businesses can also bring together encourage innovation by bringing together technology. This allows business leaders to offer new services to guests with changes in technology and even allows administrators to save costs. Combining technologies can also increase stability and performance, providing both users and administrators even greater service. Lastly, businesses can also increase enhanced applications in order to allow leaders to meet business goals. Innovative networks bring a plethora of opportunities and allow for connectivity to a wide range of devices and applications.With the start of the New Year, businesses ought to consider various innovative strategies to take goals forward. With the connection between IT and businesses even stronger than ever, innovation is possible with some simple and practical solutions.Versa Technology offers innovative network solutions including Power over Ethernet adapters, POE Injectors, IP DSLAMs and more.Versa Technology | Versatek's Ethernet Extenders | PoE Devices and more

Double Power with IEEE 802.3bt Power over Ethernet

Over a million end devices are now powered with Power over Ethernet. The technology features simply deployment in applications that are high volume, including wireless access points and IP phones. Although the technology sends power to a device, the 25.5W capability causes some limitations when needed for a wide variety of applications.With the announcement of the new IEEE 802.3bt PoE standard, the amount of power will be at least doubled and even tripled for a variety of applications. The end device will have even more power with this innovative new IEEE 802.3bt standard. The technology provides various methods for devices to offer PoE power above current standards by permitting power through a standard Ethernet cable over all four pairs. The IEEE 802.3bt task force is also seeking to ensure that PoE with 10GBASE-T is also standardized.Receive a Complementary ConsultationThe new IEEE 802.3bt standard is the third released PoE standard. In the future, the standard’s task force will consider increasing the power to the limit of 100 W or in a reasonable margin. With every change of the PoE standard, various issues must be considered, including link length and energy dissipation.With even more power to end devices, Power over Ethernet can power an even greater variety of applications. With both power and data deliverance through a single cable, administrators can simply install and relocate devices by simply moving standard CAT5/6 cables. This cuts down costs associated with installation and costs for electricians to manually move AC sources to another location.Currently, vendors are releasing equipment that is non-standardized with the ability to double the increased power under the existing 2009 IEEE 802.3at standard. Even before the implementation of the brand new 802.3bt standard, Power over Ethernet will have the ability to power on applications that are high-volume.

FGSD-1022VHP 8-Port 10/100TX 802.3at PoE + 2-Port Gigabit TP/SFP combo Desktop Switch with LCD PoE Monitor (120 Watts)

 Since the current standard allows for the transmission of power over two pairs of wire, the changes proposed to the PoE standard will utilize all four pairs. Standard CAT5/6 RJ-45 Ethernet cables include four pairs of wires.The IEEE 802.3bt ensures even greater efficiency in operation. Improving the power limit and making adequate changes ensures even more compatibility with a variety of devices. The IEEE continues to explore new solutions in order to increase efficiency for low power powered devices or to offer greater power for new PoE applications.Versa Technology | Versatek's Ethernet Extenders | PoE Devices and more

ADSL and VDSL2 Broadband Speed Solutions

Versa Technology equipment operates efficiently alongside equipment from various vendors, providing innovative and versatile solutions. The recently released Broadcom Chipset from Broadcom Corporation pairs wonderfully with Versa Technology equipment and ensures higher access data rates for clients. This innovative XDSL system-on-a-chip is a unique product that is ideal for residential gateways that offer XDSL providers lower CPE costs. The BCM63381 device by Broadcom Corporation flawlessly integrates with supporting technology and is a single-chip unit that features simple connectivity. The Broadcom Chipset is ideal for VER-522WR and the MA5616 DSLAM models from Versa Technology.In addition, the chipset operates efficiently with ADSL and VDSL2 technology that supports G.vector, and is compatible with fast Ethernet switches and PCI-e interfaces. Connection with the chipset allows for the provision of both wireless and wired Internet access cost effectively to residential users.Users who wish to save on costs and provide fast broadband access and stable networking should consider the Broadcom Chipset paired with Versa Technology equipment. Since many clients require both wired and wireless connection for devices, the Broadcom 28 nanometer BCM63381 is ideal. The device combines various home networking technologies and solutions to integrate it in a single platform.Utilizing a USB interface, a Versa Technology Ethernet switch and a PCI-e interface that allows for external Wi-Fi, the combination offers a dependable solution for telcos that want to provide residential clients with better connectivity. Administrators can now provide clients broadband speeds afforded by VDSL2.Versa Technology | Versatek's Ethernet Extenders | PoE Devices and more

Top Selling PoE Injector from Versa Technology

The VX-Pi1000GB Gigabit PoE Injector from Versa Technology is a top selling IEEE 802.3af that flawlessly powers network equipment. Clients utilize this popular PoE injector to power PoE compliant wireless access points. Ruckus Wireless, a California-based manufacturer of wireless networking equipment, utilizes Versa Technology’s VX-Pi1000GB to power wireless access points. Ruckus Wireless installers utilize the cost effective, yet powerful VX-Pi1000GB PoE injector to power on wireless AP’s sold by Ruckus. Installers discover the ability the VX-Pi1000GB has to transfer data and power at the same time.Receive a Complementary ConsultationRuckus Wireless specializes in Zone Flex smart WiFi access points that feature adaptive antenna technology and fast connection.  Since these smart access points provide stable and fast speeds, they require injectors that can offer the same high quality speed. This is where the VX-Pi1000GB PoE injector comes into play. The unit’s high speed Gigabit technology is the perfect fit for Ruckus WiFi access points. Whether indoor or outdoor, the VX-Pi1000GB is a versatile PoE injector choice for various equipment regardless of vendor or manufacturer. vx-pi1000gbThe VX-Pi1000GB features a unique ability to send DC 48V power over Ethernet cables. In addition, the injector is compatible with the IEEE 802.3af standard and sends DC voltage through Cat 5/6 cables. It is an ideal solution for PoE compliant wireless 802.11n access points.Companies like Ruckus Wireless love Versa Technology’s Gigabit PoE injector, which offers enterprises the ability to power on various applications, such as IP phones and high definition IP cameras. This UL and C-Tick certified product is a quality solution for applications that require higher Gigabit power standards. An enterprise or business network of the future is simple with the VX-Pi1000GB from Versa Technology.Check out our PoE Injectors

Gigabit PoE Injector Hub That Ensures Maximum Power and Efficiency

Chino-CA- January 14, 2014 - Versa Technology, a last mile technology company, releases the compact HPOE-460, a Gigabit high power PoE injector hub. The HPOE-460 is a truly revolutionary 4-Port injector hub that allows network administrators to power devices in difficult locations. The unit complies with both the IEEE 802.3af and High Power IEEE 802.3at PoE standards.The unit features individual ports that combine a maximum of 30 watts of power output and data over a CAT 5/5e/6 Ethernet cable. The High PoE 4 Port Injector Hub HPOE-460 was made to meet the requirements of high power network devices, such as wireless LAN access points with multiple channels, PTZ cameras, and a variety of network devices.

“The HPOE-460 is a truly convenient and compact unit that essentially combines four individual Power Over Ethernet injectors into a single unit,” said Shaw Tien, vice president of Versa Technology. “The HPOE-460 is a sensible unit for network administrators to save space. It is preferred compared to having four individual injectors in a single location.”

hpoe-460-applicationEach individual device has the ability to receive a maximum of 30 watts of input power with the IEEE 802.3at PoE pre-standard. This standard provides double the power compared to the 802.3af standard.  IEEE 802.3at PoE provides even more efficiency for high power through the RJ-45 Port interface. Since the HPOE-460 is compliant with the IEEE 802.3at standard,  it offers an even greater power capability than the 802.3af PoE standard.Network administrators discover the HPOE-460 to be a dependable unit that provides power to Ethernet devices in locations that are difficult to reach.  The unit frees devices, such as IP cameras, wireless access points and PoE IP phones to be installed simply. The unit’s provision of 52V of DC power allows for any compliant remote device to operate efficiently. Managers now have found the tool that allows them to manage the power system of devices on the network.About Versa TechnologyVersa Technology, located in Chino, California, is a leader in last mile technology. The company has offices in the United States, Korea and China. Versa Technology offers fiber and copper last mile solutions and distributes innovative networking equipment, such as Power over Ethernet equipment and VDSL2 and DSLAM units. Versa Technology also provides quality Ethernet extenders, PoE injectors and a variety of networking equipment. The company meets the evolving demands of technology by offering customers quality equipment that is cost effective.Check out our PoE Injectors