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25GbE Cloud Computing

How 25 GbE Will Prevent a Cloud Computing Tempest

The Ethernet Alliance announced during last year’s Technology Exploration Forum (TEF) that it would be pursuing a series of 5 new Ethernet standards: 2.5 GbE, 5 GbE, 25 GbE, 50 GbE, and 400 GbE. Instead of pursuing increasingly faster rates, the consortium showed greater sensitivity towards pursuing

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IEEE to Pursue Enterprise Access Base-T and 25GBASE-T

IEEE recently held a plenary this month in San Antonia, Texas that resulted in the addition of two more study groups–Enterprise Access BASE-T and 25GBASE-T for 25GE server connections. Out of 131 members who attended the plenary, 97 voted to move forward with the project and only 1 voted against it while 23 abstained to vote.

The Ethernet Alliance’s

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