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Spotlight: George Zimmerman of Ethernet Alliance Tlaks Ethernet Technology Infrastructures and More

Spotlight: George Zimmerman of Ethernet Alliance Talks Ethernet Technology, Infrastructure & More

We’d like to thank George Zimmerman of the NBASE-T and Ethernet Alliances, for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his journey from the NASA SETI project and how solving the problem of noisy signals helped lead us to the Ethernet technology we have today.

Opinions expressed here are his own and not those of the IEEE-SA or the Ethernet Alliance.


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Ethernet Standardization Evolution Will Be Far from Linear

The Ethernet Alliance has revealed a standardization road map indicating that by the end of 2020, a total of 6 new standards will support the growing demand for bandwidth in residential, enterprise, and data center environments.

This handful of standards indicates that the evolution of Ethernet has strayed from the once linear tenfold pursuit of accelerated speeds.

Ethernet As A Brand of Innovation

In his 2013 Technology Exploration

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