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The Cable War: Ethernet vs Fiber

The Cable War: Ethernet vs. Fiber

WiFi is excellent. We all love it. But underneath any good wireless network, lies some serious cabling.

The question is, which will be better for any given scenario? Fiber or ethernet?

Ethernet has certainly been in the news lately. From applications of LED lighting to advanced IP camera technology, there are no shortage of applications for ethernet cabling.

Ethernet is the cheaper of the two, making


PoE Smart Building

Why Power over Ethernet will Power the Smart Building of The Future

You know Power over Ethernet as the cabling technology used in information technology that transmits both data and power using a standard Ethernet cable. PoE gives users the ability to deploy powered devices at any location, regardless if electrical outlets are present. It is this characteristic that makes Ethernet the ideal default cabling medium that will connect the smart building


Ethernet standards

Time Capsule Alert! The Earliest Ethernet Advertisement

In 1973, Robert Metcalfe wrote a memo that would serve as the founding concepts for the technology that we now know as Ethernet. Xerox Parc assigned Robert Metcalfe with the task of connecting a group of personal computers to a printer. Along with his co-inventor David Boggs, Robert Metcalfe invented the cabling technology that would transform a computer from a static workstation


IEEE analyst hour

PoE Market Forecasts from the Dell’Oro Group

Did you miss the Ethernet Alliance’s Analyst Hour on Power over Ethernet? The Ethernet Alliance’s webinar discussed the outlook of the industry and future factors that will drive PoE growth. Keep reading to catch up on the latest market research conducted by the Dell’Oro Group for insight on the PoE industry.

Who is the Dell’Oro Group?

The Dell’Oro Group specializes in providing market research for the telecommunications


Automotive Standardization of Ethernet Promises to Make Roads Even Safer

Microchips do much more than hold back the horse power of your car. Technological innovations in the automotive industry have made it possible to implement sophisticated microprocessors to support a myriad of safety mechanisms such as “camera-assisted parking with advanced <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/article/2367743/100mb/sec-ethernet-coming-to-a-car-near-you/100mb/100mb/sec-ethernet-coming-to-a-car-near-you.html