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Net Neutrality

What Net Neutrality Really Taught Us About Political Power and Technology

Federal Communication’s Chairman (FCC) Tom Wheeler has finally proposed new rules that firmly protect net neutrality and prevent the internet from being reclassified as a telecommunications service. The FCC has published a new commission document upholding that the internet be preserved as a place of innovation and competition.

The release statement indicates that the new rules will be written so that they can withstand future legal challenges.

Net neutrality rules first became a topic of debate in May 2014, when

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How Lack of Internet Service Providers Hinders Public Education

Healthy competition between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) has made it possible for countries like Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea to offer some of the fastest internet at prices that turn American internet consumers green with envy. Hong Kong residents can surf the internet at 1Gbps speeds for just $26. The closest competitor to offer speeds of 1GBPS is

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Net Neutrality Silent Protest “Slows Down the Internet”

Upon surfing the web on Sept. 10th, chances are you will encounter an incessant spinning loading icon on some of your favorite websites. But before you call your internet service provider (ISP) to troubleshoot your connection, rest assured that the icon is part of a silent protest led by popular internet companies to preserve the current net neutrality

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