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Oct Sensing City Strategies and Versa’s VX-VEB160G4 (V2) 300Mbps Ethernet Extender Kit

Sensing City Strategies and Versa’s VX-VEB160G4 (V2) 300Mbps Ethernet Extender Kit

Memory fails as to who actually coined the phrase, but living in a smart home will eventually feel like living inside of a robot. The flow of life, work, and travel will become so tailored that we might begin to wonder how those who lived in earlier times survived.

Imagine how much easier life would have been for Ben Franklin. “Alexa, dost thou know when thunder

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Latest Broadband Technology

The Latest Broadband Technologies Up the Ante on Speed

If you’re searching for evidence of the “green” movement in the tech world,  you need look no further than broadband.

The broadband industry is quite literally wringing every last dime it can out of the “repurpose and reuse” principle. How you ask? By finding ways to transmit faster and faster speeds over existing phone lines.

For about a third of what it costs to re-cable the customer

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Argentina vs. Germany

Technology Wins the 2014 World Cup

Amid the rivalry, the sorrow and revelry, depending on which team you rooted for, Versatek Technology will remember the 2014 Fifa World Cup as a collective win for all in the non-polarizing field of innovation and advancement. The World Cup saw a number of firsts in the realm of technology.

Here is a rundown of some of the technological breakthroughs the tournament experienced

Social Media Records Were Set

It was difficult not

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