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OFDMA | One Step Closer to 5G Wireless Networks

Most wireless users today connect over 4G technology.

There’s a lot to love about 4G, the least of which is that it’s substantially faster than 3G.

The increased bandwidth allows us to stream quality video and much much more. But with so many people accessing larger quantities of data every minute, we’ve just about maxed out our capacity.

It won’t be long before wireless users will find themselves

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Elon Musk - Tesla

The Only Wi-Fi Hotspot You’ll Need For Life

Elon Musk, oftentimes compared to the real life version of Tony Stark and more popularly known as the CEO of Tesla, took to twitter to announce that his latest star-studded venture includes setting internet satellites into orbit.

The spaceflight company, SpaceX is a $1 billion investment aiming at bringing

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What Visible WiFi Would Look Like

WiFi is technology that we have all come to appreciate. We appreciate the availability of WiFi at our local coffee shop, at parks, public libraries and public network locations. But what if we could see the technology with the human eye? These images created by M. Browning Vogel depict what visible WiFi would look like.

What is WiFi? Essentially, WiFi is a field of energy transmitted as waves. These

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