What is WLAN roaming?

6 comments on “How to Improve Wi-Fi Reception by Boosting Roaming Aggressiveness

  • Hi very interesting post, I have qualcomm atheros 946x wireless card without this setting, I tried to modify “scan valid interval” setting (sole setting similar to Roaming aggressiveness) but no good news, same behavior with a disconnection 25 between bouncing on other AP (same full mesh)
    Any clue/experience on atheros Cards?

    • Akash Purohit says:

      I have qualcomm atheros 2.5 Ghz. And i am facing the same problem, i have tried re-installing, updating, including disabling ipv6 but the problem persists. Please let me know if you found a solution.

  • Reginald K Jones says:

    This works for known networks, but unknown, may be a problem in connecting at all, as the signal in a unknown environment, may push the known ap down under the unknown network, as the unknown ap will be the one your device will try to connect to, because of stronger signal. The more unknown networks, that are stronger than the known network, will make it harder, to impossible, with aggressive roaming.

  • Peter Parker says:

    It is having the bost of the work that is going to make it for the several ways to improve it for the wifi reception by boosting the roaming for the forgiveness which is having it the best part around it and need to have the several changes for it.

  • It also means that for networks with a single access point (domestic, small companies…) setting roaming aggressiveness to lowest might be better.

  • THE BLOG is outstanding, educational and informative especially for those who are not so techno-savvy and non-professional like me.


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