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Industries Served

Industrial PoE Switches & Networking Gear

Built to Withstand The Harshest Environments

Deploy flexible, scalable, and secure switching in your network with industrial PoE switches and UL-listed networking equipment customized for your industry.

From telecommunications to manufacturing, to transportation and Oil & Gas, Versa Technology provides backbone networking gear that empowers projects and teams to build the network they need.

PoE technology is reshaping the way data and power is used to transform the world around us. IoT enables greater connectivity between devices and spawns a new era of smart building technology that allows facility managers to rethink what’s possible.


  • Manufacturing
  • Rail
  • Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Marine
  • Transportation

Smarter Buildings Mean Smarter Outcomes

IoT has restructured whole building design, from construction to use to management. The ability to move power and data through one cable unlocks the ability to turn old buildings into new opportunities.

PoE is the backbone of smart building management.

More data means better asset management and occupant safety.

More data means informed decisions, not guesswork.

More data means higher efficiency and streamlined processes.

Infrastructure for Industrial Networks

PoE Switches

Media Converters

Secure Routers

Wireless AP/Bridge/Client

Cellular Gateways/Routers

Ethernet Media Converters

Network Management Software

Secure Remote Access

Network Security Appliance



Commercial buildings

Streamline maintenance processes and lower your energy consumption — and improve your tenant experience at the same time. PoE allows you to optimize building management.

Industrial facilities

Make a massive upgrade in plant performance and get the real-time insights you need to manage your facility efficiency, improve production quality and keep employees safe.


Utilize your space in the most efficient manner. Dazzle visitors with PoE lighting displays. Reduce your energy costs. Use data to optimize space utilization. It’s all at your fingertips with PoE.

Holistic Building Management 

Make data analytics possible by creating a network that is built to last and made to adapt to innovation in technology and the needs of your facility. With the right technology, you can empower your people to make every project deliver the best outcome.

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