6 Reasons LED Lighting Will Take Center Stage In 2018

3 comments on “6 Reasons LED Lighting Will Take Center Stage In 2018

  • Interesting article. Thank you. When you talk about market saturation, are you referring to the US market or globally? What was the name of the Gartner report you mentioned. Thanks.

    • Rita Mailheau says:

      Hi Paul,
      I love the research these folks do. Awesome. Actually this information came from a press release:

      It’s been a while since I put this post together. While I was tracing back through, I noticed Gartner has moved on from the sheer numbers, and is now examining the role of AI and how devices talk to each other. I think there’s a complimentary copy if you give them your business email and phone number. :-b. Not sure I’m up for more inbox activity. Thank you very much for reading our blog.


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