PoE Challenges in Hospitality & Retail Industries

PoE Challenges in the Hospitality and Retail Industries

Voice-controlled devices – including  Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri – have become commonplace in many homes around the world.

We’ve grown accustomed to controlling our environment with our voices. Temperature, lighting, and even the TV channel can all be adjusted with a simple voice command.

Nowadays, hotel guests are beginning to expect the same advanced

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PoE Enabling Technology: Hospitality and Retail

PoE Enabling Tech: Hospitality and Retail

Power over Ethernet is being used by both hotels and retailers across the globe to provide the best possible experience to their guests and customers.

Several studies have shown that outfitting a hotel with advanced technology – such as mobile apps to control temperature and lighting, for example – results in a better overall stay.

Likewise, PoE technology can be used to operate wireless access

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100 Watt PoE Standard

IEEE 802.3bt – The 100 Watt PoE Standard

The maximum power output per port of PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) – the components that supply power to PDs (Powered Devices) – has been improved over the years to keep up with the ever increasing demand of new technology.

Likewise, as the PoE market continues to grow and IoT (Internet of Things) is becoming more popular, the universal PoE standard has also

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10 Things Everyone Should Know on How NOT to Install a Cable

10 Things Everyone Should Know On How NOT To Install A Cable

There is definitely a right way to do a cable installations. This knowledge, however, is not known by everyone. The homeowner has been known to “wing it” when the pressure of a looming kick-off was weighing on their minds. That said, even the most seasoned veteran of the installation trade may have occasionally found him or herself having to “bend” the rules

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The New IEEE 802.3bt Compliant 100W per port 24-Port PoE5 Tester by Reach Technology

The New IEEE 802.3bt Compliant 100W per port 24-Port PoE5 Tester by Reach Technology

Why the PoE5 Tester will help IT managers transition networking equipment to support the new IEEE 802.3bt compliant higher-powered Type 4 PoE.

On September 27, 2018, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) ratified their latest PoE standard. This new 4 pair, high powered IEEE 802.3bt Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) distribution technology has now reached a stunning power level of 100W to enable the next generation of intelligent devices.

“This amendment to

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