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VX-VEB160G1 Lite Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Copper Extender


Versa Technology’s VX-VEB160G1 is a Lite Industrial Grade Ultra-Speed Gigabit Ethernet Copper Extender that supports a remarkable aggregated bandwidth up to 300Mbps (Downstream: 150 Mbps/Upstream: 150 Mbps). It delivers fiber-optic like speeds on existing copper infrastructures, enabling a good alternative where fiber is not economical to deploy. The VX-VEB160G1 is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port (RJ-45 connector) and one VDSL2 port (RJ-45 connector) in a metal enclosure for easy installation in extended temperature environments.

There are 8 different profile settings that can be flexibly selected via the DIP switches to suit various applications and environments. The Symmetric profile can be applied as a standard Ethernet connection with equal upload and download speeds. The Asymmetric profile can be used for other services like video streaming or IP surveillance services, which requires high traffic flow in a unidirectional configuration with different upload and download speeds. The VX-VEB160G1 supports transparent LAN bridging to extend Ethernet service over UTP, Cat 5+ or Coaxial cables. With superior performance, the VX-VEB160G1 is the best high throughput Long Reach Ethernet Extender for service providers. It can deploy IP-based networking services and meet various application scenarios in harsh environments.


VX-VEB160G1 Speed Chart


*The above performance data is for reference only, the actual line rate may vary depending on the quality of the copper wire and environmental conditions.

VX-160KIT VDSL2 SFP Modems (CO & RT)


Versa Technology’s VX-160KIT is an MSA compliant SFP modem that allows traditional Ethernet switches, media converters and other network appliances to connect beyond typical Ethernet coverage (100 meters) over UTP by incorporating VDSL2 technology. Incorporated with the latest VDSL2 technology, this SFP modem can be easily adapted to existing applications with existing 2-wire cable, such as phone line, to avoid the cost of rewiring. It can drastically extend the Ethernet service on UTP wire with distance up to 3000 meters, and even with the rate of 100Mbps speed up to 400 meters on a standard Cat 5e 2 wire cable.

The SFP modems are also designed with flexible profiles settings for system integrator, or user, to select based on their unique applications and environment requirements. Symmetric profile can be applied as a standard Ethernet connection while Asymmetric profile can be used for other services like Video streaming or IP surveillance services which require high traffic flow in an uni-direction configuration. The SFP modems also support Telco grade noise cancellation techniques like Interleave, high SNR profile, and retransmission that can effectively eliminate the noise impact to ensure your service/control messages can securely deliver in a harsh environment.

With long reach coverage, high noise immunity, and compact board size, Versa’s VX-160KIT SFP modems are an ideal upgrade for your Enterprise or Industry applications.

  • Supports all VDSL2 standards defined in ITU –T G.993.2, G.994.1, G.997.1
  • MSA compliant hot pluggable electrical interface
  • Supports G.inp (G.998.4) and G.vector (G.993.5)

VX-5640N 4-Pair 2BASE-TL EFM Network Extender


The VX-5640N EFM Network Ethernet Extender is designed to provide bonded high-speed Ethernet First Mile services over SHDSL on an existing copper infrastructure. It is a bridge mode modem that delivers Ethernet services with symmetrical bandwidth at rates up to 15.3 Mbps/Pair (TC-PAM 128). Implemented based on IEEE 802.3ah EFM standards for advanced performance and management features, 5600N Series ensures high reliability, low expense and maximum throughput. The introduction of EFM copper bonding technology allows delivery of higher bandwidth to longer distances over multiple copper pairs, enabling a good alternative in place where fiber is not economical to deploy. This “Ethernet-pure” solution provides a seamless integration into today and tomorrow’s networks.

The VX-5640N extends the reach of Ethernet services to the sites by using bonded copper pairs. Up to 4 pairs can be bonded together for aggregated bandwidth over 61Mbps (TC-PAM 128). Designed with standard-based EFM technology (2BASE-TL), deployment of Ethernet services with VX-5640N is quick and simple on the existing copper plant. It operates mainly in Point-to-Point connection between remote offices and enterprise headquarter, providing symmetrical high-speed connectivity that is ideal for large and small-to-medium enterprises to deliver business-class Ethernet service.

Network performance is significantly enhanced by eliminating unnecessary conversion of packet formats when transiting between Ethernet (LAN) and legacy ATM network (WAN). User-friendly Ethernet also makes it possible to save unnecessary truck roll costs and training costs. It leads to minimized risk bearing and quick return on investment for both service providers and enterprises.

The VX-5640N operates the SHDSL link in either EFM mode or ATM mode. It is designed to deliver business class Ethernet Service under EFM mode while providing the flexibility to be compatible with the existing DSLAM infrastructure under ATM mode. The unit can be managed by different ports and applications including comprehensive command-line interface (CLI), Telnet, user-friendly GUI-based Web Browser Interface and SNMP.

The unit provides future-proof features meeting Ethernet Quality of Service (QoS) and Class of Service (CoS) requirements by utilizing 802.1q VLAN capabilities, four levels of priorities, traffic flow control and rate control. This traffic management and QoS features enable service providers to offer highly profitable and value-added services to a vast majority of business and institutional sites.


TACPAM-32-16 (Auto Mode)

VX-5640N TACPAM 32/16

TCPAM-64/128 (Optimal Mode)

VX-5640N TCPAM-64/128

TCPAM-64/128 (TC-PAM 128 Mode)

TCPAM-64/128 (TC-PAM 128 Mode)

VX-8900i Indoor Mini-CMTS Head End


Based on the DOCSIS 3.0 and C-DOCSIS protocols, Versa Technology’s VX-8900i allows HFC networks to offer fiber speeds to their cable subscribers via legacy COAX lines.

With channel bonding technology, the VX-8900i series can utilize up to 16-QAM channels to achieve downstream (DS) data rates of up to 1.1Gbps; and utilize up to 4 QPSK/QAM channels to achieve upstream data rates of up to 160MBPS.

The unit’s downstream can be configured to data channels or IP QAM channel. The unit features 1RJ45 GE port and 1 SFP GE optical port. With layer 3 routing functions and perfect QoS, the unit can operate in a variety of working conditions and under different vendor requirements. The unit’s high bandwidth capacity and perfect QoS features make it ideal for Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) or Video on Demand (VOD).

The VX-8900i measures 19 inches 1U. The head end’s compact form factor makes the unit a cost-effective solution for HFC networks seeking to deploy a small-scaled network.

The VX-8900i series is compatible with DOCSIS 3.0 / 2.0 cable modems.

VX-160CE VDSL2 SFP Modem (Remote Telco Grade)


Versa Technology’s VX-160CE is a Telco Grade VDSL2 SFP modem that interconnects with Gateway Processor by using a MSA (MultiSource Agreement) compliant hot pluggable electrical interface. The chipset inside the VDSL2 SFP modem supports all VDSL2 profiles that are defined by ITU-T G.993.2, G.994.1, G.997.1 and among other standards, ensures its interoperability with all existing broadband network services. Furthermore, Versa’s VX-160CE also features the latest ITU standards such as G.inp (G.998.4) and G.vector (G.993.5).

As broadband access technology has evolved rapidly, Service Providers need to upgrade their broadband network service every few years. Traditionally, Service Providers have replaced the entire CPE device in order to provide subscribers with faster Internet services. Not only does it increase their CAPEX and OPEX but also wastes resources and increase inventories. Leveraging the VX-160CE VDSL2 SFP in Service Providers’ product portfolio will help them significantly reduce the software porting and testing effort and shorten their product time-to-market.

Versa’s VX-160CE VDSL2 SFP modem realizes the modulation of VDSL2 broadband access. It can be integrated with routers, switches or residential gateways that are equipped with a SFP type of WAN interface. There’s no need for Service Providers to maintain more than one type of CPE device in the field or in the warehouse, moreover, this also can give them the possibility to future upgrade. Users can upgrade to any broadband access data rate easily only by plugging in different types of WAN SFPs such as VDSL2 35b/ or optical TRx SFPs with the same internet box and user interface.

  • Supports all VDSL2 standards defined in ITU –T G.993.2, G.994.1, G.997.1
  • MSA compliant hot pluggable electrical interface
  • Supports G.inp (G.998.4) and G.vector (G.993.5)

VR-3030 VDSL2 Router / Modem (17a)

The VR-3030 Multi-DSL Router provides wired access for high-bandwidth applications in the home or office. The unit includes one Fast Ethernet port and supports ADSL2/2+ and VDSL2 connections with automatic fallback to ADSL2/2+. The VR-3030 supports routed or bridged mode and when operating under Profile 17a in VDSL2 mode can achieve up to100Mbps of downstream high-speed bandwidth. With the exclusion of wireless access, support and installation is simple and straightforward.

VX-R10 Micro Media Converter 19” 1U Rack (10 Slots)


The VX-R10 Rack is designed for all Versa Technology micro media converters. The 19” (483mm) 1U-high (44.5mm) rack conveniently houses and supplies power to all micro units. This rack option offers easy installation and instant viewing of all micro media converters LED indicators. The centralized power supply simplifies installation, saves space and clears control rooms.

The rack includes a 12VDC power supply and supports a maximum of 10 micro media converter units. The rack features “hot swappable” capabilities, allowing any micro media converter unit to be removed and restored without affecting the operation of the other units in the rack.


VX-7900i Indoor Mini-CMTS Head End


Versa Technology’s VX-7900i CMTS allows operators to transmit data at fiber speeds using DOCSIS 3.0 and C-DOCSIS protocols in HFC networks.

The VX-7900i uses channel bonding technology to optimize data speed transmission rates using legacy COAX lines. The VX-7900i can utilize up to 16-QAM channels to achieve downstream (DS) data rates of up to 1.1Gbps; and utilize up to 4 QPSK/QAM channels to achieve upstream data rates of up to 160MBPS.

The unit’s downstream can be configured to data channels or IP QAM channels. The unit features 1 RJ45 GE port and 1 SFP GE optical port. With layer 3 routing functions and perfect QoS, the unit can operate in a variety of working conditions and under different vendor requirements.

The VX-8900i features a compact form factor measuring 19 inches 1U making it ideal for small scaled networks.

The unit supports compatibility with DOCSIS 3.0 / 2.0 cable modems.


VX-EL600 Stormport 400 Ethernet Extender Kit

The VX-EL600 CPE Modem from Versa Technology showcases EtherLoop™ technology. This unit offers high speed connection for communications and performs flawlessly. This unit features upstream and downstream data rates of up to 4 Mbps. This unit solves issues that are discovered in copper loops such as wire gauge changes, crosstalk, transient noise and bridged taps.

Simple Installation

The VX-EL600 can be installed to a phone jack utilizing a RJ-11 plug-in connection. It supports multiple subtending network devices, making it an ideal solution for both single users and small work group applications.


  • Client device (CPE) for the BitStorm EtherLoopTM IP DSLMs
  • Provides status information through LED indicators
  • Up to 4 Mbps bandwidth with adaptive symmetry that dynamically adjusts to end-user demands
  • Supports multiple Ethernet devices for network connectivity
  • Provides Ethernet and telephone connections with simultaneous operation
  • Maximum data transmission rate of up to 4 Mbps upstream or downstream
  • Extended reach of up to 16,000 ft and beyond, 26 AWG cable
  • Dynamically maximizes data rate based on available bandwidth, loop conditions, service interactions, loop length

PWR-40-24 DC Single Output Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply Units


The PWR series DIN Rail power supply units are designed for tough industrial equipment. Industrial Ethernet equipment requires durable DC voltage power, which can be difficult to find. These power supply units support the universal 100-240 AC input voltage or DC input. The units provide 24V / 48V DC power output with various types of Watt values. These units are crafted small in size, which makes them suitable for DIN rail TS-35 / 7.5 or 15 installation. These units are a great solution for industries that need stable DC power in harsh environments. These units offer overload prevention or voltage overuse and temperature over heating. The 100-240 units also prevent short circuit. The units allow for stability and utilize air convection cooling. They have the ability to operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to 70 degrees Celcius. These units are dependable power sources for industries that need stable power supply.

66Block-2Female Pre-Wired 66Block With 2 Female RJ-21 Connector


This 66 block from Versa Technology is pre-wired and crafted for telephone systems, PBX, and terminal equipment that is low voltage. This 66 block is crafted to ensure quick installation of a 25 pair amphenol telco cable. Each 66 block was designed with you in mind–to save installation costs and time.


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