E59-102 Indoor 30W/60W/95W PoE bt GbE Extender


  • 1-2 Indoor Indoor 30W/60W/95W PoE bt GbE Extender
  • Supported PSEs providing 95W/60W/30W PoE
  • TAA Compliant, made in Taiwan
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The E59-102 is Gigabit PoE Extender is an ideal for indoor environments where two units of E59-102 can be daisy-chain to prolong range of PoE devices such as PoE cameras, wireless APs reaching up to 500m from end to end. No power adapter required, E59-102 Gigabit PoE extender is powered by Bt/UPoE injector, middle-span Hub, or PoE switch over one networking cable extending Ethernet range depending on PD’s power consumption and PSE’s power budget per port.

The E59-102 is built-in voltage booster guarantees stable voltage output for your high powered PoE devices.

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