VX-EL600 Stormport 400 Ethernet Extender Kit


This product is no longer available.


Model: VX-VEB160G1

The VX-EL600 CPE Modem from Versa Technology showcases EtherLoop™ technology. This unit offers high speed connection for communications and performs flawlessly. This unit features upstream and downstream data rates of up to 4 Mbps. This unit solves issues that are discovered in copper loops such as wire gauge changes, crosstalk, transient noise and bridged taps.

Simple Installation

The VX-EL600 can be installed to a phone jack utilizing a RJ-11 plug-in connection. It supports multiple subtending network devices, making it an ideal solution for both single users and small work group applications.


  • Client device (CPE) for the BitStorm EtherLoopTM IP DSLMs
  • Provides status information through LED indicators
  • Up to 4 Mbps bandwidth with adaptive symmetry that dynamically adjusts to end-user demands
  • Supports multiple Ethernet devices for network connectivity
  • Provides Ethernet and telephone connections with simultaneous operation
  • Maximum data transmission rate of up to 4 Mbps upstream or downstream
  • Extended reach of up to 16,000 ft and beyond, 26 AWG cable
  • Dynamically maximizes data rate based on available bandwidth, loop conditions, service interactions, loop length

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