Machine Learning & the Development of Self-Driving Cars

5 comments on “Self-Driving Car Technology Advances & Machine Learning

  • Does it matter if it’s a computer or a person driving the car if the infrastructure continues to decay? I don’t know the status of other countries, but the road system in the US is long overdue for a major overhaul.

  • Gateway Tourism says:

    Moral responses to unavoidable damage pose a big challenge for companies planning to build driverless cars, according to new research. Experts’ feels as machine learning and artificial intelligence could fulfill those responsibilities in managing those defects. Thoughtful post. Keep sharing.

    • Rita Mailheau says:

      Thank you. Machine learning is a fascinating field. Appreciate your insight. Thank you for reading our blog.

  • The cars in which self-driving technology is available is known as autonomous cars. I think it is a great transformation which can improve the life of an operative. Autonomous vehicles have already shown their charm by hitting the road of the cities across the globe. This driverless technology will definitely make every operative profitable in the time to come. This self-driving technology is based on green mechanics. Because the vehicle is designed to reduce overall fuel consumption. Obviously, this technological advancement will have many spin-off advantages from wellbeing to improving the economy.

  • Hello, Rita. Great insight!!
    Today, machine learning is among the hottest technologies for autonomous driving. It is a subset of artificial intelligence. Machine learning and self-driving cars will define the future of the transportation industry. There are plenty of things that self-driving cars can already do using machine learning. And they’ll be capable of even more in future.
    I have checked many articles on this topic but couldn’t find a complete explanation, and then I found your article. Surely, you must have done great research for this article.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable article.


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