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Versa Technology Can Customize Solutions for the Autonomous Car Industry 

We're excited to help move autonomous cars from the realm of science-fiction into a 21st century reality. We've already been contracted to supply Versa Technology equipment for a major auto-manufacturer's test fleet of autonomous cars. Will yours be next? Contact us to learn more!


Protocols & Standards


Simple Network Time Protocol can take a network of computers and synchronize all computer clock times to a millisecond, and sometimes to a fraction of a millisecond. SNTP also includes L3 message exchange, delay is half of measured roundtrip delay minus processing at remote side, and it is in the millisecond range.

IEEE 1588v2 (PTP)

The IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol standard is the current choice for time synchronization. The standard features sub μs with L2 stamping and one-way transmission delay that is one half of round-trip.

IEEE C37.238

A common profile for the use of PTP in IEEE Standard 1588 in power system protection, control, automation, and data communication applications utilizing an Ethernet communication architecture as specified.

IEEE 802.3bw

The 802.3bw standard specifies 100BASE-T1 – 100 Mbit/s Ethernet over a single twisted pair for automobile applications. It will allow for the replacement of low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) cabling with single unshielded twisted pair and will result in a 30% weight reduction and in an 80% cost reduction.

IEEE 802.1AE

IEEE 802.1AE is the MAC security standard (MACsec) that specifies how all or part of a network can be secured transparently to peer protocol entities that use the MAC Service provided by IEEE 802 LANs to communicate. MACsec provides connectionless user data confidentiality, frame data integrity, and data origin authenticity.

IEEE 802.1AS

The IEEE 802.1AS is part of the IEEE Audio Video Bridging group of standards, further extended by the IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking Task Group. This standard requires a time-aware infrastructure, implements abstraction of the physical network and extends network support.



Port Count

8 100/1000BASE-T PHYs

6 SGMII (4 100Base-T1 IEEE 802.3bw PHYs, 2 PHYless Reserved)

1 10BASE-T uplink PHY

1 GMII (min.)

1 SPI (min.)


+9 to +32V DC


IP67 Compliant

Operating Temperature

-40° to 85°C (up to 72 sustainable hours)

Integrated Packet Buffer

2MB max.


316 x 101 x 27mm (L x W x D)

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